Month: April 2014

Weekly Writing Prompt: Let Your Stories Surprise You!

In this week’s prompt, I will show you my method for inventing original universes and creating new characters. Follow these simple steps, and you might just banish writer’s block forever!



Why Grow What You Know: The Key to Good Writing is Good Research

Ask just about anyone what you should write, and they will tell you to write about what you know. This is very good advice and it should be heeded, but what is a writer to do when what they know isn’t enough?


Weekly Writing Prompt: “Should You Go With What You Know?”

The key to writing well is being well-informed. If you write from what you know, your are more likely to establish yourself as a trustworthy voice, which is integral to keeping your readers coming back for more. At least, that’s what we’ve all been told.

In this week’s prompt, we invite you to test the theory that our writing is most credible when we go with what we know.


Weekly Writing Prompt: “It’s Called Lalochezia, Damnit!”

Can you use the word “lalochezia” correctly? Let’s find out!

This is our site’s very first prompt (Yay!), and we have chosen a very special word for our subject this week. “Lalochezia” is pretty awesome, and definitely a good candidate for our Weird Words file!

As will be the case for many if not most of our Weird Word prompts, this one is very open-ended. The challenge we have for you this week is to use, portray, describe, or otherwise demonstrate the proper use or the concept of “lalochezia.” Any medium or style is welcome! So what is this lalochezia whackiness all about?


The Dove and the Crow

Zero tilted her head, shielding her eyes from the sun. It all looked so familiar, so much like her dream, that she wondered if she might be sleeping again. She took a step closer and stared off over the edge. The cliff dove down into a thick bank of clouds, through which nothing could be seen. Up above hung dark grey clouds; the sun shining through them only as a spot of light amidst the sea of gloom. Zero glanced back behind her. The plateau on which she stood stretched away to the horizon, an expanse, grand in its monotony, broken only by a single tree which stood leafless against the heavy sky.