Weekly Writing Prompt: “It’s Called Lalochezia, Damnit!”

Can you use the word “lalochezia” correctly? Let’s find out!

This is our site’s very first prompt (Yay!), and we have chosen a very special word for our subject this week. “Lalochezia” is pretty awesome, and definitely a good candidate for our Weird Words file!

As will be the case for many if not most of our Weird Word prompts, this one is very open-ended. The challenge we have for you this week is to use, portray, describe, or otherwise demonstrate the proper use or the concept of “lalochezia.” Any medium or style is welcome! So what is this lalochezia whackiness all about?

If you find this word frustrating, then we would suggest that you curse about it. Yep, just go ahead and belt a swear word out there! Swearing, says Timothy Jay of the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, “allows us to vent or express anger, joy, surprise.” That’s not all that swearing can do, either! The occasional burst of obscenities can act as potent pain reliever.

That is where lalochezia comes in. “Lalochezia” is the feeling of emotional relief or release we get from using foul language. According to Simon Hertnon, author of Endangered Words, “lalochezia has the same magical power as water on a child’s scratched knee or elbow: it employs a momentary sting to take the sting out of the situation.”

And for the record, this is a medical term.

Forget that apple, a swear a day keeps the doctor away!

So, there you go! Now, go forth and give us a demonstration of lalochezia. I can’t wait to see what you all come up!

Lalochezia [Noun]


emotional relief gained by using indecent or vulgar language”

(Credit: Simon Hertnon)

Example of someone experiencing lalochezia:

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Schwind_Begraebnis bw

(Roggen Wulf, 2014)


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