Month: May 2014

Weekly Writing Prompt: Searching for Heroes

This week’s writing prompt is all about using research to bring on the fight! We have a list of heroes whose actions demonstrate the qualities that make heroes such awesome people. They are saviors, survivors, artists, champions, activists, and they are all real! Learning about real life heroes from the past and the present can give you ideas about the kinds of people you want your characters to be. It can inspire you to imagine the sorts of challenges, obstacles, and setbacks your own fictional heroes might face.

Previously in our section on doing research and developing credibility, we talked about the importance of doing careful research when we decide to write on topics that are unfamiliar to us. We even tested this with a little experiment, which you can find at

What we have not talked about much, though, are the more creative purposes that research can serve. We’ve discussed how our sleuthing skills can keep us out of trouble, but what if trouble is what we’re looking for? This week’s writing prompt is all about using research to bring on the fight!

We are going to begin digging into using research as a source of inspiration for stories, plot ideas, and characters—specifically heroes.



Take a Sneak Peek at Lore: “Palais Rose”

“The path back to her own ship was now completely cut off. She would have to follow the corridor deeper into the Palais Rose until she could find somewhere to barricade herself off from the computer.”

To save humanity from extinction, Bella Hilarji undertakes a mission to raid computer parts from the Palais Rose, an abandoned solar research facility in orbit around a dead planet. Leaving her home and her family on the icy moons of a gas giant, where the human race remains barely clinging to existence, Hilarji confronts the split personalities of the facility’s aging computer, as it both tries to help her and kill her.


Spitfire Company: “Quail Ranch” Excerpt

“Quail crawled backward across the dusty porch, trying to reach his gun before he bled out.”

When Aarin Reilly inherits her family’s old ranch house, a genuine relic of the American Wild West, she has high hopes for opening her own bed and breakfast. Ignoring rumors that a curse hangs over the place, she pushes ahead, discovering along the way that blood spilled in the house has left more than just stains. She and her first guest, a quiet, mysterious stranger, find themselves at the center of a haunting with deadly consequences.

To save herself and her family’s ranch, Aarin must learn her guest’s secret and uncover the identity of a murderous ghost, out for revenge more than a century after the killing of the notorious Lance Gang.


Announcements: We Need Some Advice From Our Social-Media Savvy Friends!

There are a lot of ways that we can follow each other, and in the coming weeks we will be further developing our social media presence, giving you more ways to keep in touch with us.

This week, my editor and I are making a decision about our next foray into the social media world, and we need your advice!

Tumblr or deviantART


Announcements: A Sneak Peek at Our Upcoming Projects!

Hey everybody!

I cannot believe we are already starting into our fourth month online! We owe a ginormous Thank You! to all of our readers and followers here, on Twitter, Facebook, The Writers Community, and Protagonize. You are a super cool bunch, and you’ve made this past several months really awesome for me and my editor. We are both so thrilled to have you all and we hope that you will keep coming back for more.

Also, according to Merriam-Webster Online, ginormous is a real word, now. So you better bet I’m going to go crazy with it.

My editor and I wanted to share a few announcements with you all, and we are going to show you a few sneak peeks of our upcoming projects!

We also want to hear about your upcoming projects. So tell us in the comments below what you’ve been up to, and let us know how we can help.


Weekly Writing Prompt: “It’s All in the Philter”

How do you get someone to fall in love with you? In this week’s Weird Words writing prompt, we’ll whip up the perfect love potion!