Announcements: A Sneak Peek at Our Upcoming Projects!

Hey everybody!

I cannot believe we are already starting into our fourth month online! We owe a ginormous Thank You! to all of our readers and followers here, on Twitter, Facebook, The Writers Community, and Protagonize. You are a super cool bunch, and you’ve made this past several months really awesome for me and my editor. We are both so thrilled to have you all and we hope that you will keep coming back for more.

Also, according to Merriam-Webster Online, ginormous is a real word, now. So you better bet I’m going to go crazy with it.

My editor and I wanted to share a few announcements with you all, and we are going to show you a few sneak peeks of our upcoming projects!

We also want to hear about your upcoming projects. So tell us in the comments below what you’ve been up to, and let us know how we can help.

No Writing Prompt This Week

Terry Pratchett says that once you have a good excuse, you open the door to bad excuses. I generally agree with him, which is why I make a habit of posting a new writing prompt for you all every Monday come rain or shine. This week, though, my editor and I have decided to hold off on putting up a prompt.

We will be using this time to hold some strategy sessions and to get work done on some of our bigger projects, at least one of which we hope to have online later this month. I enjoy the writing prompts and I love seeing what you all come up with in response to them, but I also want to bring you new stories and new content. I am looking at this week’s little hiatus as an opportunity to work on some awesome new things for you all to read.

So, no excuses, just new opportunities.

A Look at What’s Coming Up

I am working on several new projects, and I wanted to give you all a little preview of some them. I am super pumped about these, and they are shaping up nicely, but I really need to place more of my attention on them until I can get them out to my readers. Then we can focus on other fun stuff, like the writing prompts and making new friends.

My Upcoming Projects

Spitfire Company

I have been working on this horror series for a number of months now, tossing ideas around and sketching out a plot arc for several stories. This is an ambitious project and I have very high hopes for it, so I don’t expect to be able to show immediate results for the main plot arc. I am, however, working on a shorter story from the Spitfire series, which should be completed sooner, perhaps even in the next few weeks. It’s a side story, so it’s not part of the main arc, but it should be fun and spooky, anyway.


“A peal of thunder rolled away into the darkness. As it passed, Aarin heard something else in the night that made her start up out of her bed. Just for a moment, she thought she’d caught the clink and clop of a saddled horse. Moving hurriedly to the window, she peered down at the muddy driveway between the house and the stable. She had barely gotten a look outside when the big, halogen light over the double doors blinked out.

“In the week she had been living at the ranch, the light had been nothing but reliable. It popped back on for an instant and commenced to flickering, giving her occasional flashes of the yard but nothing she could really see by. Aarin frowned at the big lamp and shook her head, starting to turn DarkHorseinRainback toward the bed. There was a flash of lightning much nearer than any of the others, and for an instant, too quick to be certain, Aarin thought she’d seen something out of the corner of her eye. There was a glint, the suggestion of a shape, nothing more, standing too far away to make out clearly. She fixed her gaze on the spot where she thought she had seen it. As she did, the big light over the stable door buzzed and brightened back up.”

You can find  a longer excerpt from this story at This one has guns and dead people!

I Love You, Moon

I have also been working on a piece of science fiction that is shaping up to be a lot of fun. I think that perhaps this one will stand alone, rather than being part of a series, but you never know what might happen. My working title for the project is “I love You, Moon,” though I haven’t decided whether we’ll stick with it or not. More work to be done and more conversations with my editor.

To save humanity from extinction, Bella Hilarji undertakes a mission to raid computer parts from an abandoned solar research facility. Leaving her home and her family on the icy moons of a gas giant, where the human race remains barely clinging to existence, Hilarji confronts the split personalities of the facility’s aging computer, as it both tries to help her and kill her.

I Love You, MoonExcerpt:

‘“If somebody doesn’t fix those foundries,” said Bella, determination glinting in her eyes, “it’s not going to matter whether we kill everybody at Valhalla or not. We’re running out of power and something has to be done about it, or else in the long run we’re all going to wind up in the vacuum of space. These biodomes don’t maintain themselves without those batteries, and once the lights go out, all the air goes, too. That’s if we don’t starve to death first, or die of thirst or disease, or we don’t start killing each other.”

‘“You should listen to her,” said a voice from the shadows, “she’s right for once.”’

I have this one on fast track. I hope to have a longer excerpt up later this week, and the full story online before the end of May. So, that is where my main focus is this month, and I’m very excited about the progress we’ve made so far. Keeping my fingers crossed for an early release!

My Editor’s Projects

My editor has been hard at work with me on my projects, but he’s also working with other people, and the things that they are doing are also especially cool.

Regicide! A New Indie Game for Release Later This Month

PunchDrunk GamesHe is working with an indie game developer from Punchdrunk Games, where they are putting the finishing touches on game text for the upcoming release of their new game, Regicide. The RPG, which will be released under the title “Regicide Demo1: Atlanta,” is scheduled to hit the web on May 30th, and I’m super pumped about playing it.

PunchDrunk Regicide ScreenshotIn her comments on the project, Lucia from Punchdrunk says that she took inspiration for Regicide “from the fantastic Tropes vs. Women in Video Games series….it made me realize about how overdone that trope, of a damsel in distress was.” Regicide’s protagonist is a “princess who was a damsel in distress and then switched the tables on her captors.” As the protagonist, players must escape the clutches of their foes, save their subjects, and build their army for the final battle. My editor likes to work on things with a high fun quotient, so I think we can expect good things from this!

For more info on Regicide, check out the Regicide Development Blog and be sure to follow @PunchdrunkGames on Twitter for news about the official release.

Social Media social-media-icons

I am always looking for new platforms and new ways to get cool things out to y’all. For instance, we can be friends on Facebook! And I don’t mean you can Like my Facebook page, which you can, because my Facebook page is awesome, but I digress. I am on Facebook, you can send me a friend request, and then we’ll be friends!

You can find me at

There are a lot of other ways that we can follow each other, and in the coming weeks we will be further developing our social media presence, giving you more ways to keep in touch with us.

Very soon, we will be making a decision about our next foray into the social media world, and we need your advice! I will post more about our social media later this week, including the decision we are working toward and how you can help.

So, no writing prompt this week (no fun), but exciting new things coming up later this month (lot’s of fun!) That’s what we’re up to around here!

We want to hear about your upcoming projects. Tell us about what you’ve been up to in the comments below, and let us know how we can help.

And again, thank you all so much for an awesome first four months! Y’all are the best, and we love having you!

Schwind_Begraebnis bw(Roggen Wulf, 2014)



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