Announcements: We Need Some Advice From Our Social-Media Savvy Friends!

There are a lot of ways that we can follow each other, and in the coming weeks we will be further developing our social media presence, giving you more ways to keep in touch with us.

This week, my editor and I are making a decision about our next foray into the social media world, and we need your advice!

Tumblr or deviantART

The Big Decision: deviantART or Tumblr

I am always looking for new platforms and new ways to get cool things out to y’all. Lately, I have been trying to decide whether my next foray will be into the world of deviantART or Tumblr, or maybe something behind Door #3. Eventually, my editor and I agree that we should pursue all of our options, but I’d prefer to take things a step at a time, so for now I’m going to choose just one option.

I am very open to advice about this, or anything else, so let me know what you think I should do in the comments below!

Let’s Be Friends!

We can now be friends on Facebook! And I don’t mean you can Like my Facebook page, which you can, because my Facebook page is awesome, but I digress. I am on Facebook, you can send me a friend request, and then we’ll be friends!

You can find me at

Social Editing

Both my editor and I love helping other writers with their work. We will be spending more time on Protagonize reading, sharing, and commenting on the work of the writers there. If you have a story or any work you would like us to read, review, or help you edit, please get in touch with us. There are like a million ways that you can contact us!

…well, actually there are seven ways, and those seven ways are as follows:

1) Here on WordPress, which you can find here …you know, on WordPress.

2) Facebook

3) Also Moar Facebook

4) Twitter, for those who find writing complete sentences a total drag (we also post lots of pizza there, because pizza)


6) The Writers Community

7) And Good Ol’Fashion emailification! You can get hold of me at

So that’s part of what we’re up to this week. We also have several major projects going on this week that we hope to have ready for release later this month.

Take a sneak peek at our latest projects at and don’t forget to weigh in on our deviantART/Tumblr decision in the comments below.

Thanks, everybody!

Tumblr or deviantART - Tell us what you think!(Roggen Wulf, 2014)



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