Month: August 2014

Saturday Story Wars: “Charlie Don’t Surf”

Horse shoved the stick and was slammed back against the seat by the force of the jet racing upward. The anvil of an enormous thunderstorm dominated the view from the domed cockpit, growing larger as the jet flew rapidly nearer to it. Horse rolled the lithe little craft so that its belly pointed up to the sky.

“Glad you could make it, Airman Ripley,” said a voice in Horse’s ear.

“Wouldn’t miss it, Sergeant,” laughed Airman First Class Charlotte “Horse” Ripley as her jet sped along the underside of the storm’s enormous anvil.



Am I Writing A Book?

‘I imagined having a book of my own in the window of that cathedral. One day, I wanted to be able to point and say, “I wrote that.” I wrote stage and screen plays and enjoyed some success, but it was a novel I desired. So the novel was always there, the Ithaca that for more than twenty years called to me… and that I finally wrote.’

David Hogan

I recently came across David Hogan‘s beautifully written article about what inspired him to pen his first novel, The Last Island, and the bittersweet revelation that his inspiration had outlived the thing that awakened it in him. It struck me as serendipitous that I should be reading his thoughts at the same moment that I was seriously reconsidering the commitment I made to writing a novel of my own. (more…)

Weekly Writing Prompt: Creating Mayhem With Amphibology

As writers, we usually strive for clarity. The success of our work often relies on our ability to make our meanings immediately apparent to our readers, which requires that we avoid amphibology. It can certainly be a challenging task, but it is not the task we have given you this week. In this week’s prompt, we are going to have some fun with the ambiguous side of writing.

The writing prompt yet has been written that shall stump you! (more…)

Weekly Writing Prompt: Fight Scenes and Action Sequences

Fledge stuck her head around a boulder, but was spotted and fired upon before she could squeeze off a round. Bullets slammed the side of the rock near her eyes, spattering her face with stone chips. She jerked back into cover and tried to decide what to do.

Meters away across the dusty floor lay a grenade, dropped by the one of the dead guards before the pin could be pulled. With a grenade, she could flush the sniper from cover.

Coiling herself, Fledge readied herself to spring at the grenade, but her plans were cut short. Something thumped the dust beside her and rolled to within a few dozen centimeters of her feet. Fledge had just enough time to recognize it and shout before the flashbang went off. The world turned a brilliant white, the sounds of the fight replaced by an incessant ringing in her ears. Blinded and stunned, she reeled and staggered, stumbling out from behind her boulder and into the open.

This week’s writing prompt is a little bit different from our other prompts. Think of it as an experiment. What is the key to writing gripping gun battles, furious fights, and appealing action scenes? I have no idea! So let’s see if we can unlock the secrets of writing fight scenes together.


Weekly Writing Prompt: The Rheic

Haujuapan de Leon is known in Mixtec as Ñuu dee, which means the “Place of Brave People.” The valley in which Haujuapan sits was settled by humans more two thousand years ago, beginning with the Ñuu Yate, the “Ancient Ones,” as early as 400 BCE. Today, this city in southern Mexico is home to about fifty thousand people.

Something was found hidden in the mountains not far from Haujaupan de Leon that is forcing us to reconsider some ideas that many thought were set in stone. So what was was uncovered near Ñuu dee and what does it have to do with this week’s prompt?


Writing Prompt Will Be Late This Week

Colds aren’t cool!

I’m really sorry that this week’s writing prompt has not been posted yet. I know y’all have waited a couple of weeks for a new one while I have been out on vacation, so I was really hoping to have this week’s up by now.

Unfortunately, I seem to have come down with a cold. And I had big plans for today, too. It’s no fair! But alas such is life.

Depending upon how I’m feeling, this week’s writing prompt will probably be posted much later today or sometime Tuesday. There is a slim chance that it might get pushed back to Wednesday, which would really bum me out.

Again, I’m super sorry to keep y’all waiting!

….I wish my cat was taking care of me. Why can’t I live in an anime?

Schwind_Begraebnis bw

(Roggen Wulf, 2014)