Saturday Story Wars: “Transformation”

“Wait!” said the girl, struggling to speak. “Wait… I… I just….” She screwed her eyes shut and tried to clench what was left of her fists, but her claws dug into the pads of her forepaws.

Any words that she might have been trying to speak were reduced to a low, bestial growl. She had not asked for this. She had not wanted this. Or had she? She made one last, despairing effort to speak, but another unearthly howl tore from her throat instead, and she dropped down on all fours panting.

“Hey you, do we know each other?” Her last words before transforming into the creature she had now become burned in the other girl’s mind. That smile, she had seemed so nice, so friendly, so unlike the animal howling and snarling behind her.

How could this have happened? She had guessed that the girl had been unwell; missing class, the unusual mark on her skin. She had never expected something like this, though, and she was deathly afraid. Panic filling her mind, she fled; her feet hammering the ground despite the feeling of weakness that filled her with each chilling howl.

Astrid lost her footing as she ran and tumbled hard, the side of her hip slamming into the ground. Winded, she struggled to get up, her body smarting with pain. From behind her came the sounds of pursuit. The creature, her former classmate, was coming for her. Astrid looked around desperately, searching for cover, seeking somewhere to hide.

Story_Wars_IconWhat happens next?

What happens next is up to you! I have joined the writers at Story, a site that allows writers to create stories collaboratively through miniature writing contest. Writers submit and vote on chapters, working together and competitively to build stories. It’s a very cool idea and I’m super excited to be a part of it!

So what happens next? You tell us! Be the first to submit the next chapter of “Wolf’s Air” at Story Wars!

You can also learn more about Story Wars on WordPress, and don’t forget to follow them on Twitter.


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Fear_by_wowzmelissa(Featured Image: “Fear” by wowzmelissa)

Schwind_Begraebnis bw(Roggen Wulf, 2014)


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