Millennials: Selfish Quitters?

John Weirick calls millennials “poor poster children for proven work and leadership.” Anyone identified as a millennial, says Weirick in an article for Catalyst, “should just admit the stereotypes are true for good reason.”

In case you have never heard the term, a millennial is a person between the ages of 20 – 35. It is the broad, moist, drippy brush painted on the face of anyone born after the year 1980, and it is increasingly greeted with groans from readers in our age group.

Where “millennial” appears in the title of an article, something deeply insulting is sure to follow. John Weirick’s contribution to Catalyst is certainly no exception.

A blogger for NewSpring Church in South Carolina, Weirick describes those of us born after 1979 of “avoiding responsibility and hard work, and saving money [via] the fine art of ‘mooching’.”

This, he claims, is our response to the post 2007-08 economy. Millennials, says Weirick, have “experienced the same difficult economic recession the same as all the rest.”

Does Weirick’s claim stand up?


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