Saturday Story Wars: Cute Diplomacy

It looked remarkably as if she were pulling a gun out from under her backpack. Tom started in surprise and took hold of her wrist, giving Chad a nervous smile that he hoped would soothe the unsuspecting bully. Chad gave him a disgusted sneer.

“Hiding behind your new girlfriend, wimp?” Chad spat contemptuously.

“What are you doing?” she hissed at Tom.

“Just be cool,” Tom hissed back.

“But I have encountered an enemy!” she snapped.

“An enemy?” Chad demanded. “All I said was that your outfit was cute.”

“It’s not an outfit and its not cute,” said the girl defensively. “It’s my armor and its necessary.”

“Whatever….” Chad curled his lip. “It was just a compliment.”

Tom tipped his head at the bully in confusion. Hadn’t he been taunting her? Was Chad being sincere? Chad? No, it was impossible. After all, Chad was …well, Chad.

“What? You can’t take a compliment, loser?” Chad snapped.

“I am not a loser!” she protested. “I am undefeated!”

“Calm down,” Tom urged.

“Don’t tell her to calm down,” Chad barked.

“Yes,” she agreed. “Don’t tell me to be calm when facing the enemy.”

“I’m not an enemy!” Chad cried angrily.

“Then why are you shouting?!” she demanded.

“I’m shouting because you’re shouting!” Chad shouted.

“One of us must stop shouting, then, and I refuse to surrender!” she responded with surprising ferocity. “I never surrender!”

Behind her, Tom was finding it increasingly difficult to prevent her from drawing what he thought looked very much like a gun. Her muscles tightened further, and Tom gritted his teeth as he struggled to hold her wrist back.

“Fine, hell….” Chad said, taking a step back. “You’re a freaky.”

“I am not a freak!” she yelled.

“Hey, I stopped yelling,” Chad growled defensively. “Now it’s your turn.”

She looked Chad up and down for a moment, then relaxed her tense muscles and straightened up a bit. “So you surrender, then.”

“Uh….” Chad stared at her.

Tom nodded at Chad fervently, hoping to convince him to agree with the girl, who had apparently brought weapons onto the school bus with her. Chad looked at Tom disdainfully.

“What are you even doing, creep?” he said, sneering.

“His name isn’t creep,” she said. “His name is Tom and he is my friend.”

“This dweeb!” Chad laughed. “He’s your friend! Come on, you’ve got to be kidding me. How are you friends with him?”

“He and I are in the same class,” she replied simply.

“Okay, what class do you have with her?” Chad demanded of Tom, still laughing openly.

Tom replied meekly and Chad shook his head in ugly amusement. “Looks like the three of us have the same class, then. I guess that makes you and me friends, right?” he added sarcastically.

She seemed to ponder this for a moment, then lowered her hands and nodded. “Very well, we’re friends.”

Chad stared. “You’re serious?”

She nodded again. “Yes. You will sit with Tom and me.”

“Like hell I will!” Chad snapped.

“You like my armor,” she replied. “You can’t see it very well from over there. If you want to see it better, you’ll have to sit with us or invite us to sit with you.”

Tom looked from the new girl to Chad and back again, and to his surprise, found that Chad was actually considering this proposal. It was beyond insane. Chad, the school bully, was really thinking of sitting with the new kid, who was by far the strangest person Tom had ever met—and all because he thought that this bizarre new girl’s outfit was “cute.”

Realizing that the whole bus was staring at him with baited breath, Chad came to a decision. He swallowed and said….

Story_Wars_IconWhat happens next?

What happens next is up to you! I have joined the writers at Story, a site that allows writers to create stories collaboratively through miniature writing contest. Writers submit and vote on chapters, working together and competitively to build stories. It’s a very cool idea and I’m super excited to be a part of it!

So what happens next? You tell us! Be the first to submit the next chapter of “At The Bus Stop” at Story Wars!

You can also learn more about Story Wars on WordPress, and don’t forget to follow them on Twitter.


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(Featured Image: “Halo – Spartan HYO-005 – 5” by Hyokenseisou-Cosplay)

Schwind_Begraebnis bw(Roggen Wulf, 2014)


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