Month: November 2014

Saturday Story Wars: Cosmological Principle

Assuming that all matter is both homogeneous and isotropic, the universe can only exist in one of three shapes.

He glanced up to find his wife watching him from across the room. Her expression was pensive, her breath short and nervous. Between them stood their child, the Reductive HDFM Generator. One of its three tall, metal arms obscured her from view as she moved to one of the control stations, examining the computer screen.



Saturday Story Wars: Lilies and Violets

She cast her eyes upward; her gaze quick and nervous. The student commons were busy, echoing with the gentle hum of humanity. The sound soothed Sara, especially on bleak, grey days like this, when it was chilly outside—when the warmth of company invited the students indoors. Her eyes darted upward, stared for a moment, fell back. She sighed, feeling the keys beneath her fingers and pressing softly until a note rose from the piano.

Sara’s hands moved, delicately stroking eighty-eight black and white keys with graceful, exploring fingertips. The big instrument rumbled and growled for her, then warbled and chirped nimbly. She gazed longingly, then closed her eyes and let her hands say the words that always caught in her throat.


The Rise of Hal King: Episode 1 “A Bad Turn Coming”

Henry King had been plenty of things in his life. He’d been a cowhand and a drifter. He’d seen more than a few fights and won his share of them. As a younger man, he’d gotten away with some rustling here and there, but to his knowledge he’d never done anyone a bad turn who didn’t deserve it. He was a decent man, or so he styled himself. An upstanding citizen, that’s what they called him in town.

King had performed a genuine act of heroism, even if maybe the law wouldn’t entirely see it that way. A law that didn’t do right by heroes, however, was pretty poor thinking on somebody’s part, and King had rarely been inclined to care much for the law in any case. He and his guns had done a fair amount of good the way he figured it, and a man who did good was entitled to certain rewards.