Month: January 2015

Musable: Cosplay Is Special

Today is a big day! Today is very, very exciting. Yesterday was the first anniversary of our blog. We have been around for one, whole, good-crazy year, which makes today the start of a whole new year for us. But that’s not the only reason that today is super exciting around here, because we get to kick off our new year by introducing a new featured artist!

Musable is an award-winning cosplayer, a talented artist, and a self-professed nerd. When we caught up with her this week, she gave us a window into her life, her work, and what cosplay means to her.



About Musable

Musable is a seamstress, crafter, and self-confessed nerd from the Southeast United States. Musable started cosplaying in 2010 and her work in the cosplay community has won multiple awards, including Judge’s Choices at KamiCON 2012 and People’s Choice at Nerdacon 2012. When in cosplay, she becomes the character she is portraying. Outside of cosplay, though, Musable is so much more!


Word of the Day: Inhospitable

Inhospitable [Adjective]


“(1) not hospitable,

 (2) barren; wild; cheerless; affording no shelter or subsistence”

(Credit: Funk & Wagnalls)

Inhospitable, from the Latin hospes meaning “guest,” “stranger,” or “visitor,” is an adjective used to describe a demeanor or environment which is harsh or unwelcoming.


Word of the Day: Pacify

Pacify [Noun]


“(1) to bring peace to; to end war or strife in,

 (2) to allay the anger or agitation of; appease; calm”

(Credit: Funk & Wagnalls)

Pacify, from the Latin pac or peas meaning “peace,” is a verb used when someone or something helps to calm a situation, brings a peaceful end to conflict, or appeases an enemy.


Evolving ‘Cosplay 24’ Campaign Suggests Optimistic Outlook for Backers

“Since Cosplay 24‘s Kickstarter beginning,” said Chase Lawrence in a Facebook update last week, “many supporters have expressed active interest in accomplishing this dream more effectively and efficiently.” In the update, Lawrence, the driving force behind Affliction Cosplay Photography‘s Cosplay 24 project, discussed recent changes to the campaign and highlighted the importance of feedback from campaign backers.


Word of the Day: Bellicose

Bellicose [Adjective]


“Pugnacious, warlike”

(Credit: Funk & Wagnalls)

Bellicose, from the Latin bellum meaning “war,” is an adjective used to describe someone or something that is warlike, quarrelsome, or eager to fight.


Check Out the Kickstarter Making Waves in the Cosplay Community

“Once we believe in ourselves we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit.”
– E. E. Cummings

2015 is officially here and Chase Lawrence of Affliction Cosplay Photography has kicked off the new year with a bang! A professional photographer, Lawrence is winning over backers with a proposal that will turn the spotlight on an outstanding group of cosplayers in his latest project, Cosplay 24.