Childhood Home

By Patricia White

Broom swept, they say.
When you sell a house, the
contract states that the rooms
must be broom swept.

So I inspect each empty
room and begin to sweep.
And as I gather the pile
of dust bunnies and food
particles and a vitamin
that rolled away, I begin
to cry.

MariaS_ForSaleI am sweeping up my
I sweep saying grace at Easter
and my father saying the rosary
in his armchair.

I sweep my sisters’
faces and voices who
now live in eternity.
I sweep the comings and
goings of my brothers.

The tiny pieces of dirt must
go, and we must, too.

I sweep hours of play in
our pool that was sheltered
by a chestnut tree.  I sweep
red eyes and the smell of
chlorine and the sound of the neighbor’s

Among the dead insects and tiny
particles of glass, I sweep the
crackling flame of a winter fire.

I sweep milk and cookies
after school and singing to
records and watching Mr. Brady
and Pa rear their families.

Now I’m a pioneer, and
oh how I’ll miss the green velvet
couch that helped me do a kick over
when I perched my feet and
arched my back and kicked when
Mama wasn’t looking.
I sweep her brushing my hair before bed.

I want to stay here.MariaS_Memories

On the top floor, I sweep up
dreams and plans.

I sweep up my favorite part of
the past, where she sewed and
made pottery and stained glass.
Where we shared a room and
she tucked me in and sang me
a lullaby.  I can hear her sing.
She would play the piano and
I would dance and jump and
twirl until I fell from

A little spider attempts
to escape from the dustpan.
She crawls out, and I sweep her back in.  Oh no, Mam!
We are leaving together.  If I go,
you go.

I won’t take a picture.
It is all in my memory.  I am ready.

We are thrilled today to introduce our latest featured artist, Maria S. I am so excited to have the opportunity to debut her work! Maria is a talented, young digital artist with a beautiful creative spark.

Thank you, Maria, and welcome!

– Roggen Wulf

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About Patricia White

Patricia White is a New York based poet, playwright, and full time high school English teacher. Her extensive repertoire embraces art forms ranging from prose to video production and more. (Read more…)



(Patricia White, 2015)



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