Bakabakashi Inbo BanBan

Mayonaka Senshi and the BanBan team up to fight the powers of evil and chaos in this dark, irreverent anime parody. Lead by the enigmatic Alis and her shadowy masters, the BanBan take on supernatural villains and clandestined operators. Azrael, the brash and improbable angel of death gets Mayonaka, a zombie with an internet addiction, into trouble, while brilliant but strange intern Nadja writes smutty fanfiction about her companions and frequently does the impossible. Bakabakashi Inbo BanBan takes on the internet phenomenon known as “the abridged series,” without actually being an abridged series or really accomplishing much of anything.

Our Favourite Reviews

Rave: “Yeah, I read it. It made me snicker.”

Rant: “My brain… what did you just do to my brain? What’s wrong with you?”


Hooded_Girl_by_DovenEpisode 1: Kore wa Mojiri Desu Ka?

Wealthy playboy Asuhoru Yufukuna makes a shady deal, Azrael meets the poolboy and fights an infestation corrupting the local government, Alis exposits for the benefit of readers, Nadja does her nails, and Mayonaka’s parents are quite dead.

Poor_RatEpisode 2: Christmas Rattackular (Part 1)

Asuhoru discovers that he has paid a mad scientist to design a race of supersoldiers, but the program backfires spectacularly when a clandestined operator provides the test subject with a powerful weapon. Questions are raised about Nadja’s state of undress, Azrael trims a Christmas tree, and Mayonaka learns that she has superpowers.

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Senshi Mayonaka
Asuhoru Setai Yufukuna

Cast and Credits


Head Writer
Roggen Wulf

RWULF Editing Services

Art Credits

Title Splash
Roggen Wulf

Episode 1 Cover Art
“Hooded Girl”

Episode 2 Cover Art
“Poor Rat”


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