About Our Featured Authors

Our website features a growing library of works written by Roggen Wulf and others. We are seeking creative millennials who are looking for an independent venue where they can show off their work to the world.

Interested in sharing your work with our community? Read here to learn more about becoming a featured artist or author.

Check out the work of some of these awesome authors and artists from around our community!



Musable is a seamstress, crafter, and self-confessed nerd from the Southeast United States. Her work in the cosplay community has won multiple awards. (more…)


Maria S.

Maria S. is an artist, high school student, and nature lover with an incredible creative spark. Her work blends cleverness with passion, to create art which is both intricate and moving. (more…)


Michael Wilson

Michael ‘Knightmage’ Wilson has been cosplaying since 2012. The 15 year veteran Deputy Sheriff and Stuntman has turned the art of cosplay from a hobby to a full fledged passion. (more…)



Robert Leo Newton

Robert Leo Newton is a singer-songwriter, music teacher, and recording artist from the Twin Cities. He is a fourteen year veteran of the indie progressive rock scene. (more…)


Patricia White

Patricia White is a New York based poet, playwright, and full time English teacher. Her extensive repertoire embraces art forms ranging from prose to video production and more. White’s style is both passionate and mellow, a paradoxical blending that lends a uniquely refreshing perspective to her work. (more…)

Colt Bayless

Colt Bayless

Colt Bayless is an artist and an aspiring writer. One of our younger contributors, his treatment of topics is often whimsical, putting aspects of everyday life in a new and fanciful light. (more…)



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