Writing Prompts

Whether you are looking for practice or inspiration–or just a little fun; answering writing prompts is a great way to brush up and show off your skills.

The prompts below are intended to help our readers and writers expand their horizons, practice using, new writing tools, and strut their stuff. My editor and I have come up with many of them, and in fact quite a few are exercises he has given me to improve my own abilities. Others are prompts that we have run across from other sources, which we found particularly useful, challenging, and enjoyable.

I can’t wait to see what you all can do! Submit your response to a prompt, and we might just feature your work on our page!


These words are weird, whacky, and rare–and they will give you a run for your money! Give some Weird Words a try and expand your vocabulary into strange, new territory with these writing prompts.

These resources and prompts are intended to help you develop your research and sleuthing abilities. They are designed to test your mastery of information gathering techniques and to put your skills into action. You can also use them as inspiration and motivation tools if you are looking for new creative avenues or if you want to explore new genres of writing and areas of potential interest.



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