Weird Words!

Has your elocution ever made someone looked bleezed? Is your vocabulary foudroyant? Do you have a cynosure on your quest for strange expressions? Want to join in the chavish of weird and whacky words? Have I confusticated you, yet?

If you answered yes! to any of those questions, then you came to right place! …and if you said “No… what? …no.” then you’re still in the right place. These writing prompts are dolorifugic–that is, they are so awesome (or just plain bizarre) that they banish grief entirely!

Keep in mind, though, that like chocolate and muffins weird and whacky words are a sometimes-snack. And just like chocolate and muffins, we’re going to absolutely pig out on them around here. So, enjoy these words irresponsibly! Sling them about, frighten people, create an imbroglio!


Weird Words! (Alphabetically)




(More prompts coming soon!)



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