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About Maria S.

Maria S. is an artist who enjoys science, music, and video games.  She is a high school student who is in love with nature, and she will always take care of animals who need help. Maria has a flare for digital art, as well as a talent for pen-and-ink art forms and more. Her work blends cleverness with passion, to create art which is both intricate and moving.


About Patricia White

Patricia White is a New York based poet, playwright, and full time high school English teacher. Her extensive repertoire, which embraces art forms ranging from prose to songwriting, video production, sketch comedy, children’s literature, and more is as impressive as it is diverse. White’s style is both passionate and mellow, a paradoxical blending that lends a uniquely refreshing perspective to her work.


About Robert Leo Newton

Robert Leo Newton is a singer-songwriter, music teacher, and recording artist from the Twin Cities. He is a fourteen year veteran of the indie progressive rock scene, and his repertoire includes work with Blood Root Mother, Dear Elvira, Doug Anderson, ZABRA, Willie Dean Nelson, John LeCompt, Rearranging The Furniture, Jim Anthony, and more.


About Michael Wilson

Michael “Knightmage” Wilson has been cosplaying since 2012. The 15 year veteran Deputy Sheriff and Stuntman has turned the art of cosplay from a hobby to a full fledged passion. Genuinely loving to entertain, create, inspire and spread positivity, cosplaying has become that avenue. From being a decorated Deputy Sheriff to working on big budget Hollywood films to receiving the Presidential Volunteers Service Award for his charity work, Michael continues to strive to be a representative of ideas and possibilities


Musable: Cosplay Is Special

Today is a big day! Today is very, very exciting. Yesterday was the first anniversary of our blog. We have been around for one, whole, good-crazy year, which makes today the start of a whole new year for us. But that’s not the only reason that today is super exciting around here, because we get to kick off our new year by introducing a new featured artist!

Musable is an award-winning cosplayer, a talented artist, and a self-professed nerd. When we caught up with her this week, she gave us a window into her life, her work, and what cosplay means to her.


About Musable

Musable is a seamstress, crafter, and self-confessed nerd from the Southeast United States. Musable started cosplaying in 2010 and her work in the cosplay community has won multiple awards, including Judge’s Choices at KamiCON 2012 and People’s Choice at Nerdacon 2012. When in cosplay, she becomes the character she is portraying. Outside of cosplay, though, Musable is so much more!


Check Out the Kickstarter Making Waves in the Cosplay Community

“Once we believe in ourselves we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit.”
– E. E. Cummings

2015 is officially here and Chase Lawrence of Affliction Cosplay Photography has kicked off the new year with a bang! A professional photographer, Lawrence is winning over backers with a proposal that will turn the spotlight on an outstanding group of cosplayers in his latest project, Cosplay 24.


2014 – 2015: A Look at Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going

We are coming up on the end of our first year of operation here at Roggen Wulf. 2014 has been an incredible ride, and we could not be more pleased with progress we are making. It has been a roller coaster to be sure, and we expect another fast paced year to come.

We came a long way very quickly this year. We have made a lot of friends, developed a lot opportunities, and explored many potential roads to success. With just two days left in 2014, I would like to wrap up this year with a recap of where we’ve been and to give you all some sneak previews of what we have in store for 2015.


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Are you a writer or an artist looking for an independent venue where you can show off your work to the world?

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If you are interested in having your work featured on our site, please get in touch with us! You contact me any time at, or message me on Facebook or Twitter!

The Perks

It’s easy and hassle-free! Creating, maintaining, and promoting your own site is a time-consuming and often messy process, and it can take weeks or even months of intense work to see results. Our site gives you the advantage of an established, maintenance-free platform for your work.

We promote your work! We help you tap into our readers through our social media networks by promoting you on Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, and more.

We will help you perfect your work! My editor and I will work with you personally to help you make your work the best that it can be. My editor is an awesome guy, and you’ll really enjoy working with him.

You keep the rights to your work! You put so much time and effort into it, why should your work belong to someone else?

What We Are Looking For

We are calling for material from all disciplines, genres, and mediums. Creators from fields such as film, literature, music, art, and many others are invited to share their work here. We welcome fiction, nonfiction, reviews, op-eds, social analysis, writing tips, interviews, poetry, advice and much more.