Weird Words

Writing Prompt: Let’s Hear It For Elozable!

Words are funny things. They are alive in a way, and when they die their remains become fossilized in old books, ancient texts, and the preserved speeches of people who have, themselves, long since passed on. Unlike other living things, however, words can be resurrected from death and obscurity to be written and spoken anew. In this month’s writing prompt, we will be revivifying one such word—a word that is amenable to our flattery, one that speaks to the harmless avidulousness in each of us.

So what is this word that is so well-disposed to adulation? Let’s find out!



Weekly Writing Prompt: Creating Mayhem With Amphibology

As writers, we usually strive for clarity. The success of our work often relies on our ability to make our meanings immediately apparent to our readers, which requires that we avoid amphibology. It can certainly be a challenging task, but it is not the task we have given you this week. In this week’s prompt, we are going to have some fun with the ambiguous side of writing.

The writing prompt yet has been written that shall stump you! (more…)

Weekly Writing Prompt: Doing the Incompossible

This week’s Weird Words writing prompt is a special challenge! Not only are we asking the impossible, we are expecting the incompossible. What is so incompossible about this prompt? What does incompossible even mean?


Weekly Writing Prompt: “It’s All in the Philter”

How do you get someone to fall in love with you? In this week’s Weird Words writing prompt, we’ll whip up the perfect love potion!


Weekly Writing Prompt: “It’s Called Lalochezia, Damnit!”

Can you use the word “lalochezia” correctly? Let’s find out!

This is our site’s very first prompt (Yay!), and we have chosen a very special word for our subject this week. “Lalochezia” is pretty awesome, and definitely a good candidate for our Weird Words file!

As will be the case for many if not most of our Weird Word prompts, this one is very open-ended. The challenge we have for you this week is to use, portray, describe, or otherwise demonstrate the proper use or the concept of “lalochezia.” Any medium or style is welcome! So what is this lalochezia whackiness all about?