Writing Resources: How To Find Names for Your Characters

One of the challenges consistently faced by writers is the task of naming characters. Coming up with the right name is no small endeavor, especially when just any name won’t do. The character’s identity is at stake, as well as their reception from your readers. So how do you find the perfect names for your characters?

“I can’t think of a name for him!” one of my friends told the members of our writing group early this week. It is a problem we see frequently in the group, and sometimes a difficult one to solve. “I’m so frustrated!” she said.

Her exasperation is certainly understandable. Trouble naming characters can be a headache and even a source of writers block. Fortunately, there are ways to overcome this obstacle!



Weekly Writing Prompt: The Rheic

Haujuapan de Leon is known in Mixtec as Ñuu dee, which means the “Place of Brave People.” The valley in which Haujuapan sits was settled by humans more two thousand years ago, beginning with the Ñuu Yate, the “Ancient Ones,” as early as 400 BCE. Today, this city in southern Mexico is home to about fifty thousand people.

Something was found hidden in the mountains not far from Haujaupan de Leon that is forcing us to reconsider some ideas that many thought were set in stone. So what was was uncovered near Ñuu dee and what does it have to do with this week’s prompt?


Weekly Writing Prompt: A Show of Fear

Have you ever been told to “Show, don’t tell” in your writing? It is a piece of advice that hangs around everywhere that writers can be found. In fact, it seems to have become an unquestioned rule. But why is it important? Does it actually mean anything? The answer, it turns out, is in your imagination.

Your mission in this week’s prompt is to give your readers a scare with a good show of fear! Remember, there is a balance to be struck. Let’s see if you can walk this terrifying tight-rope and describe strategically.

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Weekly Writing Prompt: Let Your Stories Surprise You!

In this week’s prompt, I will show you my method for inventing original universes and creating new characters. Follow these simple steps, and you might just banish writer’s block forever!