Musable: Cosplay Is Special

Today is a big day! Today is very, very exciting. Yesterday was the first anniversary of our blog. We have been around for one, whole, good-crazy year, which makes today the start of a whole new year for us. But that’s not the only reason that today is super exciting around here, because we get to kick off our new year by introducing a new featured artist!

Musable is an award-winning cosplayer, a talented artist, and a self-professed nerd. When we caught up with her this week, she gave us a window into her life, her work, and what cosplay means to her.



“The Spoon”

By Colt Bayless

Ting. Clang. Ting.

“Sharpy! Wedge! Pincer!” yelled Albert.

It was Monday morning and the Hazel family had just left the house. A spoon alone and unused in its slot nudged and smacked the silverware drawer’s dividers.

“What is it, Albert?” Sharpy replied.

“I was wondering,” said the spoon, (more…)